The Lord Mayor of Bristol’s Charity

Started in the 1920’s to buy Bristol’s poorest children Christmas dinner and boots

From Then to Now

The Appeal started in the 1920s, when it was known as the Lord Mayor’s Fund, and raised money to give the city’s poor children a Christmas dinner and boots.

Today, the Lord Mayor of Bristol is Patron of The Lord Mayor of Bristol’s Children Appeal which raises £66,000 each year to give 1,650 children and young people a better Christmas. Each child receives a £20 voucher for gifts or clothing and a £20 voucher for food. These children are the city’s most disadvantaged and these vouchers make a real difference to their Christmas.

Individuals, schools and businesses generously support The Lord Mayor of Bristol’s Children Appeal, through donations, fundraising activities and in-kind and media support. People help the charity through donations and by buying tickets for the carol concert, the annual dinner, and other events.

Administration and fundraising costs are kept to an absolute minimum because volunteers from the city’s Rotary, Round Table, Lions, Soroptimist clubs and others give so much of their time.

The Lord Mayor of Bristol’s Children Appeal works closely with social workers to ensure that the vouchers go to those children who need them most. Social workers also liaise with Bristol doctors and teachers to ensure we don’t miss any of the most disadvantaged of children who are aged under 16 (or aged under 18 if the child has a disability). We believe that all children deserve a good Christmas.

Please help make a real difference to Bristol’s poorest children this Christmas, and give your support. Donate online now, nominate The Lord Mayor of Bristol’s Children Appeal as your company’s or school’s ‘Charity of the Year’, hold a collection after your school’s nativity play, and buy tickets for our fundraising events.

Lord Mayor of Bristol’s Children Appeal, Registered Charity Number: 288262.

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Today’s Lord Mayor of Bristol

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Paula O’Rourke

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